Vegan Nighttime Recovery Tea (Paleoethics)




Take your tea-time to a whole new level. Amino acids aid in your recovery process while nutrients like zinc and magnesium improve the quality of your sleep rather than causing drowsiness. Enhanced with vanilla, peppermint and chai, this paleo-compatible supplement is a deliciously relaxing beverage that is best served hot.


Because your body heals while you sleep, this supplement contains green proteins which help to enhance your muscle recovery while you’re catching some shuteye. It also contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties which help to optimize your recuperation so that you can wake up feeling your best.


Unlike most protein supplements, this one is best served hot – like a tea – which makes it ideal for relaxation. The natural, relaxing flavours of vanilla, peppermint, and chai make this supplement perfect for a calming evening routine and can also help combat nighttime cravings.


Vanilla, peppermint and chai help you to relax while micronutrients like zinc and magnesium help with your quality of rest by easing your transition into REM sleep. Because this supplement improves your quality of sleep rather than inducing sleep, it is also suitable for daytime use.