The Ultimate Collection of Training Guides & Principles


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We complied all our guides into once location for easy reference CD and to help make all athletes' lives easier!

Learn from the pros! You'll get:
1. Mighty Knees - 5 Days, 15 Minutes, ZERO Knee Pain! 

2. Functional Fitness Athlete Crash Course - A "Chaptered" Course designed to introduce an individual to the world of functional fitness.  

3. Ten Minute Hips - 10 Minute Routine to more powerful hips! 

4. 15 Minute Mobility Warrior - A global mobility routine designed to be performed pre or post-workout! 

5. Callous Care 101 - Never have rips again! Our guide makes it simple and shows you the secrets to supple, soft hands ... even if you WOD 2x day! 

6. Best.Sleep.Ever Guide - 8 simple steps to better sleep! 

7. Competition Nutrition Guide - Nutrition surrounding competition is different, and understanding that, and implementing a better routine will pay dividends in your competition performance!

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