Alyssa Montgomery's Athlete Stack -- "The Every Athlete"

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Are you an "Every Day Athlete"? Are you committed to living your best life while balancing fitness and the rest of life's obligations?

Our very own Alyssa Montgomery, our Athlete of the Month for March 2019, shares her MUST-HAVES for training and meeting her goals, day in and day out.

Although she's an endurance athlete at heart, she considers herself an everyday athlete, who simply wants to compete with herself and push herself to new limits. She truly understands that competition is "you vs you", and she absolutely recommends the following four Red H products to help her meet her goals!

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The "Every Athlete" Stack →

1. SUPER FLEXY- This is my key to feeling good and moving well day in and day out!
2. ZEN REM- sleep is SO important. Especially that deep sleep!
3. GO Juice - I workout early in the morning and I need that little boost to get me going at my prime!
4. Apex O2- I'm an endurance athlete at heart and APEX is what pushes me past the competition at the end of a race.

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