Tamara Gray's Athlete Stack -- Female Weightlifter

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Female Weightlifter Stack

Our very own @slightlyabove_averageathlete, the strong AF owner of CrossFit Pandora's Box, shares her absolute "MUST HAVES" for training and being the best weightlifter she can be!

If you're the kind of girl who loves weightlifting and want to make sure you get the most you can out of your body with each lift, then you MUST get Tamara's stack! 💪

What does Tamara take and why? We're glad you asked ...

"It's no surprise that Super Flexy is my fave!! I take 3 a day, everyday with my morning coffee and sometimes an extra 3 at night if I have a nagging injury. 

Factor 10 & Adaptogenic Symbiotic are also part of my daily routine because if I’m sick, I can’t train.  

Go Juice is a tasty addition to my post workout recovery shake. If I have an extra terrible training session I throw an extra scoop straight into me water bottle. Go Juice speeds up recovery so I can bring it each and every session.  

Reach all your training goals, minus the plateaus, with Tamara's routine and Red H Nutrition! 💪

This stack includes the following 4 (FOUR) supplements: GO JUICE, Super Flexy, Factor 10 Multi & Adaptogenic Symbiotic!

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