Eric Moser's Athlete Stack -- Men's Endurance

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Our very own triathlete, @ericmoser, shares his absolute "MUST HAVES" for his endurance training and goals in 2019.

If you're looking for an endurance edge with optimal recovery, check out his Men's Endurance Stack!

What does Eric take and why? We're glad you asked ...

Eric says "For big training days, I stack Apex02, Go Juice, Formula H, Super Flexy, and Zen REM."

"The Apex02 helps tremendously by increasing the capacity of my body to carry oxygen and nutrients to my muscles, for hours spent cycling, running or swimming, this is huge! Go Juice and Formula H to help give the edge to kick it in gear!"

He also states, "Two servings of Super Flexy, one A.M. with food and one P.M., to keep my tendons and joints happy and Zen REM at nighttime to aid in the recovery process!" 

Reach your endurance goals in 2019 with Eric's supplement routine and Red H Nutrition! 💪

This stack includes the following 4 (FOUR) supplements: Go Juice (Choose flavor), Super Flexy, Formula-H (Choose Flavor) & ZEN R.E.M.!

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