Ben Eggleston's Athlete Stack -- Always Ready, Never Quit

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Our very own functional athlete Benjamin Eggleston (@hokieegg22), shares his absolute "MUST HAVES" for training and being the best athlete he can, in 2019.

If you're the kind of athlete who loves fitness progress, recovering quickly and doing more work faster than ever ... then you have to try Ben's supplement stack!

What does Ben take and why? We're glad you asked ... 

Ben swears by 5 Red H Nutrition products! He loves Go Juice, Super Flexy, Burn Notice, Factor-10 Multi & ZEN R.E.M.

He says, "Super Flexy allows me to bounce back day after day jumping from Crossfit, to Olympic Weightlifting, to running, biking or swimming. My mobility & flexibility is ready for endurance racing or double sessions even at age 40."

"Go Juice post workout (along with Super Flexy) provides me recovery not just muscularly but with bones and joints. I never feel achy and regardless of flavor, tastes great too!"

He's an avid Xfitter and competes in Obstacle Course & Spartan races. He mentions that "I've spent 2.5 yrs in Crossfit but I know that I only see a difference in my mid- section after continuous running (which is my least favorite thing to do). After taking Burn Notice for 1 wk (that week being Christmas/ New Year's filled with Holiday consumption although I've been more conscious than most years) I've already seen a difference in my mid section, slimming those key areas = love handles 🙄😊😁 that I've tried with nutrition fixes, double sessions and endurance OCRs. Born Notice works like a charm!"

Be Ready for anything in 2019 with Ben's supplement routine & Red H Nutrition!  💪

This stack includes the following supplements: Go Juice (Choose flavor), Super Flexy, Burn Notice, Factor-10 Multi & ZEN R.E.M.!

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