Ben Barker's Athlete Stack -- "Super Dad"

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Our very own @benbarkerfitness, the #1 dad over at @thedadwod, shares his absolute "MUST HAVES" for training and being the best dad he can, in 2019.

If you're the kind of guy who loves fitness progress, AND loves being SUPER DAD -- stay up to every task with Ben's "Super Dad" stack! 💪

What does Ben take and why? We're glad you asked ...

In the AM, Ben says he enjoys "Factor 10 Multi with breakfast as it has ingredients specifically to athletes. Prior to my workout, I take APEX O2 because of the beta-alanine for short bursts of intensity and beet root powder helps me keep up with the younger guys on WODs!  I also take GO JUICE after my workout because I have always struggled with muscle cramps. The sodium and potassium really help me keep going!"

In the evening, Ben suggests "ZEN R.E.M. as a must for all athletes. The zinc and magnesium help aid in muscle relaxation and recovery while sleeping!  Being ready and recovered is the key to being a great dad AND a great athlete!" 

Reach SUPER DAD status in 2019 with Ben's  routine and Red H Nutrition! 💪

This stack includes the following 4 (FOUR) supplements: APEX O2, Super Flexy, Factor 10 Multi & ZEN R.E.M.!

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