The 30 Day PR Guarantee®

YOUR success if how we measure our success as a company.

No other Supplement Brand has dared put their money where their mouth is quite like we are.

Here’s the deal ...

We know our products work.

We know they can change your paradigm of thinking and prove to you that some companies can do things different.

Integrity, Transparency & Results make up the Ethos of our brand, foundation and vision for NOW and the future.

• • •

For Eligibility Under The “30 Day PR Guarantee”:

You must purchase any Red H Nutrition® Co. product.

To truly assess performance, you need to keep a journal of your training progress. Keep a journal of your training and programming, as well as supplementation and diet. After 30 days of a consistent training schedule, to include at least 3 days on a week during those 30 days, and you do not achieve a personal record or personal best in any training capacity, we will refund your money.

Are you wondering why we need you to keep documentation?

That should be a no-brainer. Getting better and getting results requires work and consistency. If you’ve been on the hump or plateau for a while, you know you should be tracking your training to see where you can find a point to break through. Keeping a training journal should be a routine and habit, regardless of your intent to challenge our “30 Day PR Guarantee” and philosophy.

So! If you are up for the CHALLENGE give our products a go! You’ll have a brand new, shiny PR in 30 days, or your money back!!

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