You can benefit greatly from introducing supplements to your training routine.

I’m assuming when you wake up in the morning you are more likely to ask “how can I be better” than say “I can’t wait to f*ck up today!”.

So, assuming you want to be better than yesterday and crush your PRs, the competition and any damn WOD that gets in your way, you need to take your supplementation seriously.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask FOUR TIME World’s Fittest Man, Rich Froning.

“Supplements are a crucial part of what I do. Plus, they save me more time to train.”

Rich clearly understands the importance of supplementation and the additional needs of an athlete during high intensity training.

Froning’s preferred supplements include BCAAs for his amino acids and a protein blend, to include fast, medium and slow digesting protein for all-day, long lasting energy.

Everyone needs help recovering and performing at their best.

Red H Nutrition provides both a BCAA amino product (GO JUICE) and a protein blend (VITAL 7) that will boost your supplementation and fulfill a crucial necessity in your training.

The Pillars of CrossFit “Fitness” is defined by the practice (and mastery) of the 10 General Physical Skills: Strength, Power, Speed, Endurance, Coordination, Balance, Accuracy, Agility, Flexibility & Stamina.

So, now with the realization that supplementation is crucial to performance, many other CrossFit athletes are utilizing supplements as well.

Just look at CrossFit Invictus.

Here’s why: High intensity performance tears down muscle tissue as activity continues. Getting a supply of BCAAs before/during/after your working, gives your muscles the fuel and nutrients it needs to recover and reduce damage done to muscles.

Supplementing with a protein shake that has a variety of protein sources can help your muscles grow, repair and reload for your next WOD!

If you are ready to be like Rich and all the other CrossFit greats and tap your potential, then starting with the right supplements is important.

It’s never been easier than starting with our “30 Day PR System” Bundle here.