Want To Be Stronger & Faster? Take This!

Want To Be Stronger & Faster? Take This!

FACT: Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body.

The quest for optimal recovery is not complete in any athlete’s supplement cabinet without Glutamine.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, comprising about 61% of all skeletal muscle tissue.

Glutamine’s molecular composition consist of 19% Nitrogen, making it a primary provider of Nitrogen for your muscle cells. To emphasize importance, the greater the Nitrogen balance on the positive side, the greater the recovery. A positive Nitrogen balance is also optimal for muscle growth.

What’s Glutamine Going to Do For You?

Glutamine is essential if you are looking for ways to increase your recovery, increase your muscle mass AND assist with any unwanted body fat.

Additionally, your small intestines require Glutamine for digestion and the immune system uses Glutamine to stave off infections and illness.

Letting your Glutamine levels deplete could spell disaster for an athlete training at a high level - succumbing to an illness is easier when you are compromised and tired from training.

Glutamine is the Most Important Component of Muscle Protein.

You’ve heard the term anabolic before, but do you know what that means? Going anabolic is a positive term and it means “growth”. When referring to muscle tissue, we are talking about growing your muscle tissue, aka GAINZ.

Glutamine prevents catabolism, the breakdown of muscle tissue, and promotes anabolic activity in the muscle to promote muscular growth and recovery.

Additionally, by helping maintain cell volume through adequate hydration, it further promotes recovery and healing.

Who Should Take Glutamine?

Every single person on this planet. It is the single most abundant amino acid in the body and is responsible for wound healing, cellular turnover, hydration, immune system function and muscle protein synthesis.

That alone, should sell you on the importance of Glutamine in your diet.

However, as an athlete, the importance of Glutamine can not be understated. Every single time you enter the gym and train, you are breaking down your muscle tissue.

Even as you drive home from the gym, and sip your post workout beverage or eat your snack, your muscles are still requiring a supply of nutrients.

Your Glutamine supplementation should not stop once the workout is over.

It is recommended that Glutamine supplementation become part of your all day supplementation routine, particularly for athletes, whose bodies are generally in a state of repair due to intense training protocol.

In fact, research suggests that those engaged in high intensity exercise, supplement with 10-15 grams a day.

Where Can I Get Glutamine, Right Now?

This is where you get introduced to GO JUICE®

GO JUICE was specially formulated to assist athletes in a solution for an all day Glutamine supplementation routine, as well as constantly fueling muscles throughout the day with BCAAs, Leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine.

Only YOU can prevent critical muscle breakdown ...

So go Anabolic, go Glutamine and get GO JUICE®!

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