The REAL Hierarchy of Fitness

The REAL Hierarchy of Fitness

Starting or continuing on your fitness journey should be exciting.

Your journey and results should continue to encourage you to keep pushing forward, even as you experience some bumps in the road.

Although you will face adversity in your journey, being prepared and understanding the best way to get from Point A to Point B will serve you well and make the journey that much more enjoyable for you!

The REAL Hierarchy of Fitness, in a very particular order is:
1. Mindset
2. Nutrition
3. Mobility & Recovery
4. Gymnastics
5. Strength Training
6. Metabolic Conditioning

Check out the video I posted about this very subject and how you can make sure you're putting all the pieces together in the best way, to get the BEST results!


✅ For the entire 411 on The REAL Hierarchy of Fitness, make sure you check out The Everyday Athlete Podcast! 

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