Imagine having it all figured out.

Your weaknesses are not your proverbial weaknesses anymore.

Your strengths are always strong and primed.

Your movement is crisp, efficient and is synonymous with “machine like”.

Your competition does not scare you – it excites you and pushes you to perform at your best at all times. 

(Sometimes you might even scare your competition!)

Now doesn’t that just sound really freakin’ perfect?

Talk about an athlete’s version of Utopia!

Well, here’s to letting you know that you can “have your cake and eat it, too”!

With just a simple little Venn Diagram, you can see that optimal training comes from a solid combination of three distinct areas of discipline.

Right smack dab in the center is like the center of a jelly donut.

It’s sweet. And delicious.

Only this sweet center is calorie and guilt free!

Enough of the BS, though. Here’s what the diagram is all about:

  1. [Composure]: Mental awareness, control of your emotions. Not letting your “lizard brain”, or emotions, run amuck when it’s “go time”. Staying present and in your locus on control breeds success during times of high stress – in particular competition and high intensity WODs.
  2. [Virtuosity]: Acting with purpose and with an end goal in mind. Staying dedicated to a training plan and exceeding the expectations of that plan – move with efficiency and strive for perfection, all while understanding that perfection is an ideal NOT a reality.
  3. [Overcoming Aversions]: Just a fancy way of saying “work on your weakness”! If you avoid what you aren’t good at, good luck ever doing anything significant with your fitness and don’t do competitions. You won’t be prepared if you run from the things that hurt your ego.

Urban Dictionary defines “woke” as:

an incorrect tense for the term “wake” or “awake”, but relates to how people should be aware of current affairs.

In this case, a “woke” athlete is someone how is aware of:

Their emotions and how to control them.
Their weaknesses so they can overcome them.
Their training plan and execution so they can fire on all cylinders when it’s 3, 2, 1 … GO!

So … are you woke yet? If not, get to it! 

The competition isn’t waiting for you to figure it out … they are out training their ass off!