The #1 Anti-Depressant

The #1 Anti-Depressant

It is no secret that we live in a heavily medicated culture.

Pharmacies are a billion-dollar business and chances are if you feel like there is something wrong with you, there is a pill that claims to fix it.

Now this is to not insult or ridicule anyone on medication, but too often people take a doctor’s word in too high of a regard which can lead to becoming medicated very quickly.

The issue with being medicated these days is many medications have side effects, in which you then need to take more medication for.

So, it does not take long for a person to be on a medication diet.

Maybe the most pressing issue in our culture today that involves medication is depression. Recently depression has taken on somewhat of an informal use to describe simply just not being happy.

But, depression is so much more than that.

Clinical depression involves chemical imbalances in the brain that have long term side effects with people’s mood and everyday behavior that is detrimental to life.

Depression is very serious condition.

It takes on many forms and functions with certain people. Some people are good at hiding it and can actually have a form of functioning depression.

Most people however tend to shy away from people and social situations as much as possible and even lack physical energy, even while medicated. The issue with medication is it does not cure or get rid of depression, but simply mask the issue and simply allows people to function.

So, if a person gets off of the medication, not only is the condition still present, but many times the effects are more severe than before being medicated.

So, where does fitness come into all of this?

Fitness has been a proven true “anti-depressant” by not only depressing the depression, but also in the long run can help kill the condition all together and get people through the issue. Working out helps the brain on a chemical level and an emotional level.

Fitness does the following →

1. Releases feel good endorphins
2. Takes your mind off worrying
3. Builds confidence
4. Promotes socialization 

Ready to get going? We got you!
For added mood and anxiety support, we have an all-natural solution called ATARAXIS™, which is actually defined as "absence of stress of anxiety".

Try ATARAXIS™ Mood & Anxiety support today! Grab your bottle here. ✌️

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