#LifeHack -- Staying Sane During the Holidays

#LifeHack -- Staying Sane During the Holidays

Research shows our ambitions and perfectionist disposition have converted holidays into a risky time of the year.

January is the “divorce month”, partly from the relationship stress test that occurs in December.

"Christmas coronary" and "Hanukkah heart attack" describe the increased cardiovascular risk during the festive time of the year.

Stress plays a role in that.

Here then are five simple tips to live your holiday season to the fullest, whether you are a perfectionist, a high achiever or a “Home Alone” diehard:

1. Prioritize relationships 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

Holidays are the times to deepen and nurture your relationships. Heal the previous divides, bridge the gaps and reach out to your friends and loved ones you enjoy spending time with.

2. Flow with imperfections 🤕

There is no such thing as a perfect party or a perfect trip. Remember, travel is about having good time with your traveling companion. Also remember that if you haven't met your loved ones for some time, you may have forgotten their quirks. Bring greater acceptance and forgiveness when you meet them this season. 

3. Savor your sleep 😴

A common stressor is accumulating sleep debt that can hurt your quality of life and well-being. Ensure you get your sleep, even if it means missing a late night show. 

Try ZEN R.E.M.™ to help with normal sleep cycles:

4. Stay within your budget 💰

The thrill of holidays can evaporate quickly when credit card bills arrive. Plan your spending ahead and stay within your budget. Keep a 10 percent contingency, if you can.

5. Celebrate the spirit of the holidays 🎄

Use Thanksgiving as a reminder to be grateful, Christmas as a reminder to be forgiving and New Year’s as a marker of new beginnings.

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Merry Christmas from everyone at the Red H Nutrition HQ!

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