Should Probiotics Be Refrigerated?

Should Probiotics Be Refrigerated?

You're probably curious as to why some probiotics need to be refrigerated and some do not, or at least why some suggest it, and others do not.

Probiotics are naturally sensitive to heat and moisture, so the theory is that, with refrigeration, you are providing a better environment to keep the bacteria thriving and optimal.

However, if you understand that these "heat and moisture" suggestions fall on a spectrum, much like most durable goods, you'll realize that as long as you are not storing your probiotic is an extreme heat or wet environment, the bacteria will be ok.

Additionally, some of the misinformation stems from yogurt being a popular source of gut healthy probiotics and bacteria. And yogurt is refrigerated; but it is refrigerated to prevent spoilage of the dairy in yogurt, NOT the bacteria.

Another circumstance that feeds this misinformation leads us back nearly 20 years ago, when the probiotic market was new.

Back in the day, handling, packing and shipping processes were far more antiquated.

With new manufacturing processes, storage, shipping and handling of raw materials, there is little to worry about when it comes to bacteria being destroyed by extreme heat or humid conditions.

Finally, most shelf-stable probiotics are from freeze dried organisms and bacteria which have long shelf lives and do not need refrigeration. This includes Red H Nutrition's ADAPTOGENIC SYMBIOTIC™, which does not need refrigeration, and includes a 24 month shelf life.


If you're always asking questions, you should also ask yourself why you'd even want to take a probiotic that would be heat sensitive, as it is going to encounter a very warm environment once it enters your body.

So, do probiotics need to be refrigerated?

It depends. But now we know that not ALL probiotics are created equal.

As far as Red H Nutrition's ADAPTOGENIC SYMBIOTIC™ is concerned, then NO. No refrigeration is needed! 🌿

If you're not currently taking a probiotic for gut health, and overall general wellness and vitality, then you're a missing out a plethora of health benefits!

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