Prevent The Flu & Read This Now.

Prevent The Flu & Read This Now.

What is the flu anyways?

The flu is a respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus.

The flu is not the same as a cold, although they share many of the same symptoms. The cold is caused by a different virus, and it tends to have milder symptoms than the flu.

Colds are also less likely to cause serious complications.

When the influenza virus gets into the body, it moves into the respiratory tract. Once there, it binds to the surface of cells.

The virus then opens and releases its genetic information (RNA) into the cell's nucleus. The nucleus is where the cell's genetic information (DNA and RNA) is stored. The virus replicates, or copies itself, and takes over the functions of the cell.

The copies of the virus move to the cell membrane until the cell finally dies and releases them out into the body, where they go on to infect other cells.

The respiratory tissues swell up and become inflamed (the inflammation usually heals within a few weeks).

As the virus moves through the respiratory tract and into the bloodstream, the first symptoms begin to emerge.

The replication process continues for up to several days, until the body's immune system begins to fight the virus off.

Flu symptoms can include any or all of the following: 

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Fever
  • Body aches
  • Runny nose and congestion
  • Tiredness

These symptoms,­ although uncomfortable, are generally not dangerous. But, if you're an active person, trying to stay healthy over the course of a long winter, or a stressful time, you could always use some extra support!

Fortifying your body and the cells is imperative to fight off the flu, and ESSENTIAL if the virus has already invaded your body.

One of the quickest, easiest and most convenient ways to improve your immunity and resiliency is by taking a complete Multi-Vitamin to ensure your body is prepared for any compromised environments.

How does a Multi-Vitamin work?

  • Improving physical and mental performance

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Decreasing feelings of anxiety and fatigue

  • Increasing feelings of well-being and vitality

  • Protecting heart and circulatory health

  • Promoting faster recovery

  • Boosting immunity and longevity

If you're ready to add a complete multi-vitamin to your nutrition routine, then choosing our FACTOR 10 Multi-Vitamin is your next step!

Be ready for anything, improve your resiliency, and fight off the flu, colds and sickness as your environment changes more rapidly than ever.

Build a new foundation of strength and wellness, with FACTOR 10 Multi-Vitamin in your arsenal! 💪


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