Make Cardio Great Again

Make Cardio Great Again

A long, long time ago an ancient Greece messenger raced across Marathon to Athens to deliver an important message about a war brewing in the area.

It is said that this distance was approximately 25 miles in length and soon after he successfully delivered the message, the messenger collapsed and died from exhaustion. 😬

The current marathon distance in 26.2 and millions, if not hundreds of millions of people complete a marathon every year.

Some people run even greater distances, and those races are called ultra marathons. 

Luckily, although these races and distances are exhausting, humans are not collapsing and dying at the finish line.

Our bodies, through training, adapt to the stressors of physical endurance activities and accomplish great things.

But, even though our bodies CAN operate for long lengths of time under physical stress, specific supplements have become essential for endurance athletes and athletes wanting a cardiovascular advantage.

One of the "crown jewel" 👑 of endurance supplements is beetroot powder.

Beetroot powder is making cardio great again.

Even for athletes who HATE cardio.

Even for strength athletes. 💪

EVEN for the meathead.

In short, beetroot powder increases Nitric Oxide levels in the blood (NO), which increases vasodilation and allows more oxygen to be processed through the body increasing cardiovascular endurance and boosting stamina.

When coupled with other supplements like Cocoa Polyphenols and Tart Cherry 🍒Extract, that promote stamina and recovery, you get yourself the secret sauce to not only ENJOY cardio again, but improve your endurance efforts.

Everything from running, HIIT training, barbell cycling, rowing, swimming ... and anything in between.



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