Learn How To Fight Fatigue & Get Your Energy Back

Learn How To Fight Fatigue & Get Your Energy Back

This article dives deep into performance by discussing fatigue; specifically: how does fatigue begin, what does it do to our body and how can we combat it?

The science behind fatigue is incredibly complicated.

While the science is still up in the air, it is thought that ammonia and hydrogen ion buildup may be related to fatigue.

The breakdown of amino acids may be related to ammonia production. How do you combat that ammonia production?

Taking caffeine before your workout may not only give you energy, but also has been thought to reduce the amount of ammonia buildup.

Another solution is to look at your pre workout meal.

Do you even eat a pre workout meal?

If you are feeling overly fatigued during your training sessions or can’t seem to finish a workout with your regularly energy, you may need to look into changing up what you are doing.

I recommending eat a meal about 2 hours before your training session.

While you don’t want to have a heavy meal, a smaller meal with a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat is best for energy, starting the recovery process, and long-lasting fuel.  I usually go with homemade protein bars or chicken breast, a sweet potato, and coconut oil.

For supplementation, three of the most beneficial ergogenic aids for energy and fatigue prevention are found within FORMULA-H®: caffeine, beta-alanine, and B vitamins.

Besides caffeine, beta-alanine is the main fatigue fighting option you can take.

Beta-alanine is important within the energy making process in your body and helps your body choose to make more alanine rather than lactate as a metabolic by-product.

APEX O2™ is a superior endurance complex supplement, containing 500mg of beta-alanine to help you flush lactic acid out of your muscle and maintain optimal muscular contraction and balance.

Also, the B Vitamins (Thiamin and Riboflavin in particular) help break down carbohydrates and protein for energy production.
B Vitamins are involved with red blood cell formation and production of hemoglobin, as well as tissue repair and maintenance within the muscles and central nervous system. If you are deficient in B vitamins, not enough oxygen gets to the muscles while exercising and you will experience decreased energy.

While not nutrition related, to increase your fatigue threshold, you may need to work on your aerobic endurance.  

Many times when we get so focused at working out at a high intensity, we forget about the importance of longer aerobic sessions.

Working on your running or rowing capacity will carry over to both your lifting and metcons because you will be able to keep going longer and recover better between sets or movements within the metcon.

Also with fatigue, movement quality is paramount.

Paying attention to your muscular imbalances can make a big difference in how well you perform.

When your body is imbalanced, muscles that shouldn’t have to take the main load are forced to in order to compensate for the muscles that are not working properly.

This leads to inefficiency and causes you to fatigue faster because it takes more energy.

In conclusion, these are all tips to help you recover better and prevent fatigue during your workout.

While these things can definitely help you feel better, reduce inflammation, and have more energy, you also need to listen to your body.

If you are tired and not performing well in workouts, maybe your body needs a rest.

While nutrition and supplementation can do wonders for recovery, we are still all human, and sometimes the best recovery method of all is to just take a few days off from the hard exertion we put on our bodies everyday with training.

Let yourself fully recover and go back into your next workout feeling completely refreshed! 

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