Knock, Knock ...

Knock, Knock ...

Who's There?

Life is unpredictable.

Face it ... the more that you try to be in control, the less you feel.

Trying too hard has consequences and sometimes it causes us more pain than the pleasure we believe it will have.

There's nothing wrong with a person who tries hard to reach their goals.

It is admirable to have a destination and a journey which you've committed to.

However, you know, that life never goes as planned.

You've seen the picture before ...

The ideal version of life is a straight line to your goal, but the truth is it's a long and windy road with a lot of bumps and diversions.

It's easy to be focused on the goal, the prize, the pot of gold.

But, the tough part is being ready when misfortune and circumstance knock and you have to answer.

Knowing that you don't have control over these outside circumstances can be maddening ...

A recent handstand pushup standard unveiled in the CrossFit™ Games Open competition revealed many unprepared athletes.

Many athletes stumbled. And rather than accept being humbled, they bumbled with excuses.

This was a clear example of an athlete believing they are prepared, believing that they are on the right path, only to find out that LIFE has a different plan.

The athletes that did not answer this difficulty with humility and a fervor essentially succumbed to circumstance, rather than fight back.

Any bump in the road is just an opportunity.

The more bumps, the less they effect you and essentially you get so dang good the bumps barely divert your attention anymore. You can roll right through them without much of a hiccup.

But being able to do that, requires that you face challenges from the get go.

Don't make excuses. Don't run away.

Instead, look at yourself in the mirror and hold yourself accountable to your personal control and plan to conquer the obstacle.

Frustration is an external factor. You have the internal control to deflect it, if you CHOOSE to.

Don't be the person who commits to a goal, only to de-commit as soon as you hit your first, or second, or third, or fourth, etc. roadblock.

So the next time you hear that "knock, knock" from an impending bump in the road, smile and answer with confidence "come on in", because you're ready and nothing can deter you from your goal.

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