How I Overcame Depression & Anxiety

How I Overcame Depression & Anxiety

Perhaps you have struggled like me with your demons and negative thoughts.

Perhaps you have looked for solutions, only to still find yourself with the weight of the world on your shoulders, paralyzed and wondering if you'll ever "break free".

I've suffered for a long time with my negative thoughts, mindset and have let the demons often take control of my actions.

However, in the past year, I have overcome a lot and, for the most part, am on the other side and the demons are no longer influencing my thoughts, feelings and actions as often or as impactfully as they once did.

Here's my advice to you, what's worked for me and some strategies you can take to overcome and fulfill the destiny you've always wanted to believe you were capable of!

Turn that volume up 🔊 and let me share some opportunities with you!



From the bottom of my heart, you got this.

And, if you don't believe in yourself today, know that I believe in you.

If you really need to chat, send me an email and I'd love to offer you a caring ear and listen to what's holding you back from being your best self. 💪 

• • •

Want to join a community of like minded everyday athletes who want to be their best selves AND help others realize their best self?



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