How Beta-Alanine Increases Your Performance By 34%

How Beta-Alanine Increases Your Performance By 34%

If you’ve taken pre-workouts before you’ve definitely come across Beta-Alanine in your supplementation.

Beta-Alanine provides REAL training results and understanding its application in your training could yield greater endurance, increased strength and the ability to recover quicker.

Beta-Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid and its molecular structure mimics a neurotransmitter - perhaps the reason some individuals get a stimulant, caffeine-like, feeling when they take Beta-Alanine.

CrossFitters and other athletes can take advantage of Beta-Alanine to increase muscle Carnosine levels.

Carnosine is directly responsible for mitigating the buildup of H+ (Hydrogen) ions in the blood. An increase in H+ leads to an decrease in the pH and this negatively affects enzyme function and muscular contraction.

If your muscles can’t contract, your training session is OVER.

Beta-Alanine will promote higher Carnosine levels.

Therefore, with an elevated blood Carnosine level, the body manages the pH of the blood, removing H+ ions and allowing continued, powerful muscular contractions for enduring performance.

Did You Know?

That “pins and needles” feeling that Beta-Alanine is often associated with, is actually called paresthesia and it is known to cause a burning, tingling feeling on the skin, scalp and ears. Generally this sensation is mild and lasts 60-90 minutes depending on the dose.

What Are The Best Sources of Beta-Alanine?

From your diet, most beta-alanine is consumed through meat, specifically pork and beef. Tuna is also a great source of beta-alanine.

However, free from beta-alanine, the kind you supplement with, can not be obtained from food sources.

How Much Should You Be Taking?

The most conclusive studies found that at least 800mg of beta-alanine was needed, to see the increase in Carnosine levels in the blood, which directly promotes muscular endurance.

For optimal timing, it is suggested Beta-Alanine be taken at least 20 minutes before your workout. Because everyone is different, you should experiment with the best timing and results for you.

Increase Endurance. Recover Faster. This Is Performance Enhancing!

A 2012 Study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that soccer players supplementing with 3,200mg of Beta-Alanine a day showed a 34% performance improvement in a 12 week period compared to those players NOT taking Beta-Alanine.

Consuming Beta-Alanine regularly can dramatically increase your performance output.

Our favorite Pre-Workout, FORMULA-H® is uniquely dosed with 3,000mg of Beta-Alanine, formulated to increase muscle Carnosine levels, lower your pH and promote longer duration, high-intensity training.

Get the results you deserve and work hard for. Get FORMULA-H® and start using Beta-Alanine in your training!

For a long term solution, we highly recommend our APEX O2™, taken twice a day for 30 days. We have athletes who are shaving up to a minute off their mile times utilizing APEX O2™

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