Fish Oil: The $15 Billion Dollar Scam?

Fish Oil: The $15 Billion Dollar Scam?

If there's ever been a staple on a fitness' athlete's counter, it's a fish oil supplement.

Long touted as a key to improved cardiovascular health, increased cognition, and other benefits, omega-3 supplements are facing increasing scrutiny over whether they work as advertised. If recent critical investigation is correct, you might be enduring fish burps for little to no benefit.

After reviewing the article, "Omega 3s Are Useless For You", a recent meta-analysis that looked at 79 studies involving more than 100,000 subjects found that omega-3 consumption had virtually no effect on common heart conditions. An earlier examination of studies compiled in 2012 also found that supplementing with omega-3s had no impact on whether a person died as a result of a cardiac event.

Consumption also had no impact on overall mortality. Studies that have looked at fish oil’s benefits when it comes to psychiatric conditions like depression have been similarly inconclusive.




The IDEA originated from research into an Inuit population in Greenland in the 1970s.

The Inuit had low incidences of heart problems and ate a lot of fatty fish. The conclusion was that their oily fish-based diets had protective effects on the heart.

Ever since, supplement companies and consumers have associated fish oil, in liquid or capsule form, as having a host of cardiovascular benefits. But more contemporary research illustrates that the Inuit might simply metabolize their fish-heavy diet differently, leading to effects that can’t necessarily be replicated in a general population.

In the meantime ... while you ponder this article in your brain ... one thing experts can agree on is that eating actual fish is good for your body. The American Heart Association states that eating two 3.5 ounce servings of fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, and albacore tuna weekly!

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