Eliminate Knee Pain With This One Simple Exercise!

Eliminate Knee Pain With This One Simple Exercise!

The Glute Bridge (& Single Leg Variation)

Points of Performance:

1. Knees at 90 degree angle
2. Lift with Hamstrings, relaxing your lower back
3. To add difficulty, lift with one leg.
4. Hold briefly at the top, 2-3 seconds.

Why is this exercise so useful in helping eliminate knee pain and friction?

By engaging the hamstrings in this manner, we are essentially flexing our pelvis. For 99% of our day, we live in extension, where our hamstrings are pulled at their maximal (while we sit, while we walk).

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just think of those selfies people take that make their glutes look bigger ... their backs (PELVIS) are in extension.
Now while it may make for a good #hashtag, this extension is detrimental to your knee health.
How so? I'm glad you asked.
When our tissues are pulled to a length that is not optimal, in this case, the hamstrings, the tracking of our joints is also off.
It's as simple as understanding that when your car is out of alignment, it wears on the mechanical portions of the car.
Same thing with your knees ... when you are out of alignment, you'll experience a greater wear & tear of your knees and surrounding tissues.

What's the Rx?

Use the Glute Bridge exercise at least 3x a day, for 10/10/10 Reps of Both/R/L legs.

And pick up a bottle of SUPER FLEXY®, our trademarked 5-in-1 Joint & Tissue Anti-Inflammatory! You'll forget you ever had joint pain!
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