There are two kinds of people …

  1. Those who value competition as a way of “proving oneself”, and …
  2. Those who abhor it as a means in which people are pitted against each other to place “value” to each individual.

I think both views are incorrect.

When you examine the person who believes that competition is good, as it proves oneself, it’s implying that there is lingering self-doubt and insecurity.

Additionally, if you view competition as a mean-spirited way to pit people against each other, in order to determine who is stronger, smarter, faster … implies that competition at it’s core is negative and all efforts should be celebrated.

For most of us, winning and coming out on top means a lot and it’s what we strive for.

Competition provides us “obstacles” that get in our way and we must overcome them in order to “win” or reach a goal.

Without competition, we’d never know what our true potential was …

The fear of never reaching your potential should be far greater than your fear of failure. 

Every athlete tries their hardest to “beat” the other, but really it’s a form of true cooperation where each person continues to present obstacles to the opponent to test his or her abilities.

Welcome your opponents and competition. 

Competition is the only thing that can bring out the very best in you!

With the right attitude, you can look at your competition as the necessary component to test your skills.

So, next time you find yourself sifting through the leaderboard, get excitedthat the competition is fierce.

If it wasn’t, you’d never know good you can really be!