Is CDB Safe For Athletes? - A Facebook Live Event

Is CDB Safe For Athletes? - A Facebook Live Event

On Sunday, January 27th, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Populum founder, Gunhee Park. Gunhee enlightened us on the benefits of CBD use, including terminology, legal landscape and how to implement CBD into your fitness routine for recovery and total wellness!

For more information on Populum and their product offerings, please check out their website, or their Facebook and Instagram social media pages!

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Here are some highlights for quick reference:

1:30 - Let's kick this thing off!

2:00 - Who/What is Populum?

3:00 - What does CBD stand for? What is THC?

3:36 - "Federal Hemp" - the legality of hemp and why it's available for public use

5:15 - That life-changing moment for Gunhee and CBD

6:00 - Product reveal: Topical v. Tincture

7:30 - THIS is why Populum is the best CBD choice available ...

12:00 - The 2014 Farm Bill you NEED to hear about

13:20 - Local Nebraska shops targeted by law enforcement

16:00 - The #1 CBD skepticism reveal and answer!

18:50 - Big Pharma and synthetic CBD Rx

20:00 - What can CBD do for an athlete?

🚨 22:00 - What about DRUG TESTING??!?!?!?!

24:12 - The legal limit for THC

26:00 - Activism needed to move the industry forward

28:00 - CBD for Pets and how it can help your furry friend live life better!

30:00 - Your body's natural anatomy and how CBD works with your brain and body

32:30 - Katie Danger's personal experience with CBD

33:30 - What's the best way/time to take CBD supplements?

35:00 - How much CBD do I need? How does dosing work?

37:40 - LAST MINUTE QUESTION! What form of CBD is most effective for dosing and supplementing?

• • • • •

For more information on our guest, Gunhee Park and Populum CBD, please check out:

Gunhee Park - Owner Populum CBD

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