Can Caffeine Boost Your Performance In The Gym?

Can Caffeine Boost Your Performance In The Gym?

Many people enjoy their daily caffeine pick me-up in the morning or a nice slump buster coffee in the early afternoon hours as they power through an 8 hour workday.

If you’re also an athlete, you’ve probably experimented with caffeine and its effects for your workout performance.

Depending on caffeine tolerance, effective dosages are generally found to be beneficial for athletes looking to maximize their focus, attention and endurance.

The warning that caffeine is dehydrating has been debunked, and in moderate amounts, can be included in your daily recommended fluid intake.

Now, take that advice with a large grain of salt; if you are an athlete, your fluid needs ARE greater.

The point here is that, in moderation, caffeine can be used, without adverse regard to your fluid intake, for sports and performance supplementation.

To support the position that caffeine does not have adverse effects on overall hydration, the United States Army conducted a study on the effects of moderate and high dosage caffeine supplementation on hydration.

Obviously, the greatest place to test this, are the desert regions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

This study examined soldiers who already reported to be moderate users of caffeine, and they found that those individuals who consumed at least 100mg of caffeine a day, showed no difference in urine volume produced compared to consumption of 300mg and 600mg respectively.

The conclusion drawn suggests that upwards of 600mg a day shows no ill effects on overall urine volume output through a 24 hour period.

As far as how caffeine affects athletic performance, studies suggest that caffeine can enhance both short and long duration workouts (< 20 mins, > 20 mins).

However, greater performance improvements were found for those engaging in longer duration activities, 20 minutes or longer, than those in shorter duration workouts, 20 minutes or less.

Use caffeine wisely.

If you are new to the stimulant world, perhaps starting at lower doses per kg/body weight would be effective.

Timing of your caffeine is also imperative.

If you are using caffeine in training, make sure that caffeine usage during competition is a good idea.

Pre-competition caffeine can cause more jitters and anxiety. Test those waters carefully, especially if you are new to supplementing with caffeine.

Caffeine can get a bad rap in some circles, but it’s really here to help us if we need it. Caffeine might not be for everyone, and it might not be for every workout, but it has its place.

I suggest you experiment a bit and see how it can help you reach your goals!

What's the best way to take Caffeine for a workout?

If you are looking for a great place to start, you can try our Pre-Workout FORMULA-H®.

FORMULA-H® is a unique, easy mixing, and exceptionally delicious pre-workout powder designed to improve your workout performance through extended endurance, increased stamina and enhance motivation and focus.

Additionally, a serving is dosed with 300mg of workout enhancing caffeine!

Everyone's experience with caffeine is different; make sure you learn what doses are most effective for your goals.

Find your sweet spot and you'll be unstoppable!

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