Is A Plant Based Diet Optimal? - A Facebook Live Event

Is A Plant Based Diet Optimal? - A Facebook Live Event

On Sunday, January 20th, we hosted Jason Ott, the owner and founder of Empowered Prevention in Omaha, NE to enlighten us on the benefits of including more fruits and vegetables into your diet!

We also were surprised with a guest appearance by Dr. Samantha Herbster, DPT of You Align You, Postural Solution!

For more information you can follow Empowered Prevention on the main website, or social media: @empoweredprevention

Here are some highlights for quick reference:

• 2:15 - Our Sponsors & Introduction

• 4:20 - There's more to life than protein!

• 5:30 - How Jason reversed severe colitis symptoms with food

• 8:10 - Nature vs. Nurture debate (and did you know that newborns are now BORN with over 300 toxins in their body AT BIRTH?)

• 9:00 - The #1 Skepticism you have ... and health is MORE than just macros.

• 11:45 - No one ever got fat off of fruit!

• 13:00 - Is Liver Detoxification a myth?

• 16:00 - Importance of integrating with holistic health professionals and medical doctors

• 17:00 - The Poptart vs. The Banana

• 19:00 - The #1 Thing you need to boost your endurance AND burn more fat ...

• 22:00 - Here's what you can do TODAY to heal yourself →

• 23:15 - Recommended books and research

• 26:00 - Empowered University Introduction

• 28:00 - Dr. Samantha Herbster, You Align You - Postural Solution

• 30:00 - Benefits of total wellness/wrap-up/conclusion

• • • • •

For more information on each of our guests, please check out:

1. Jason Ott - Owner/Founder Empowered Prevention - Omaha, NE
2. Dr. Samantha Herbster, DPT - Owner/Founder You Align You, Postural Solution - Omaha, NE
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