7 Easy Ways To Get Your Workouts Back On Track

7 Easy Ways To Get Your Workouts Back On Track


Have you already fallen off your New Year's goals and resolutions?

Are you hanging on by a thin thread?

Or, are you still going strong and seeing the results of your hard work?

No matter your position, this is a journey.

And we are here for you during the entire way!

Finding motivation can be easy, but IMPLEMENTING it into action is the tough part ... how do you find the WILL to spring into ACTION? 😟

Let me start off by saying, that there is hope!

New to the gym, seasoned gym vet or somewhere in between, there are plenty of strategies you can implement to see the ACTION behind your intentions!


1. Join a fitness challenge, or sign up for a race. 🎽

Seriously. You'd be surprised at how much even a small monetary investment can help you start moving towards your goals. It's also cool because you'll be around people who are in the same mindset as you - they want to SUCCEED!

2. Do something you didn't think you could ... 🏄‍♂️

When you approach fitness in the same way, year after year, goal after goal, the payoff can be unrewarding and the journey BORING. Stop that cycle and aim for something you haven't done before - perhaps a new sport! Try something new to spark you into ACTION!

3. Try a new dieting approach 🌶

Sometimes, when you revamp your diet you find yourself more invested in your progress, as you want to see the results from your new dieting approach. Don't be afraid to try something new if others are having success with it! *Always chat with a physician before implementing any new diet*

4.  Change your environment 👀

Hate going to the same places over and over and seeing the same people? Try a new class somewhere you haven't before. It may be nervous and maybe this isn't your "cup of tea", but if you're stagnant, this can be just the thing that knocks you back into your rhythm!

5. Forget the workouts, check your mindset and mental health 🤯

Health is far more than just your diet and your time on the treadmill. Fitness is your mental health and ability to adapt and "roll with life" as it comes at you. Perhaps a massage, day off of work, taking the kids to daycare for no reason, scheduling a date night, etc. is in the stars for you? Think outside the gym and see what needs you want fulfilled!

6. Supplementing can push your limits 💊

Whole foods are always the best way to approach your macro diet and nutrition needs, but when it comes to a boost, there's no better way than to incorporate supplements into your routine. That plateau is HISTORY!

7. Grab a buddy - like, an actual, accountable buddy 👭

You don't want someone who has the same issues with accountability that you do. You need someone who ticks different than you, but understands you. Do you follow someone on social media? It doesn't need to be someone physically near you, but leading by example can be powerful for the motivation needed for ACTION.

- - - - -

If the above 7 actions listed still aren't helping you move forward in your journey, feel free to send our boss lady Katie Danger a message at katie@redhnutrition.com. She's a seasoned veteran when it comes to fitness and the wellness journey - she'd love to help you find your mojo! ✌️

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