7 Ways To Reset & "Detox" From The Holidays

7 Ways To Reset & "Detox" From The Holidays

Wouldn't you love to spend the next week at a luxurious spa to shed those holiday pounds?


Okay, create a "home health spa" with this post-holiday detox plan, and you can get pretty darn close to feeling like you are visiting a real spa!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Minesweep for calorie bombs.
    Banish any "risky," fattening or unhealthy foods from the house.

  2. Control your environment.
    Don't be a disorganized eater. Stock your home (and office) with delicious, healthy foods, such as with batch recipes; piles of clean, chopped, ready-to-grab fruit and veggie dishes and snacks; and delicious yogurts and dips.

  3. Hit the ground running.
    Start every day with physical activity. Don't even think about it! Before checking email, taking phone calls or applying make-up, get out the door for a walk, jump on your home treadmill, go to bootcamp or go to the gym. You can also start the day with yoga — I believe in yoga for providing strength, balance and flexibility, and at a lower cost than many gyms.

  4. Eat breakfast every morning.
    You should eat breakfast, preferably at home, so you're not tempted by the bagel-the-size-of-your-head at the office. Skimping on breakfast usually backfires and causes over-eating later.

  5. Eat light at night.
    At nighttime, you want to consume fewer calories than you would early in the day. Soup is ideal for helping you feel satisfied with fewer calories, so you don't go to bed feeling too full and can wake up hungry for a good breakfast in the morning.

  6. Sleep at least seven to eight hours, nightly.
    Study after study has shown that sleep disturbances are correlated with weight problems.

  7. ⭐️ It takes a village!
    Spend your time with like-minded people and avoid people who will sabotage your goals. This is an important feature of being at a spa, one reason being there makes achieving weight-loss goals so easy. If your spouse or friends are not on board, it will be difficult to stick with any plan.

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