3 Easy Ways To Get Better Results In The Gym

3 Easy Ways To Get Better Results In The Gym

Let me cut to the chase here, nothing you read anymore is much of a revelation.

Those “a-ha” moments are few and far between.

I’m hoping that this list provides you with three moments of enlightenment; albeit probably not new information, just presented in a way that proves its point.

You've probably had those moments where you just didn't want to go to thy gym.

For whatever reason, it is a heavy, hard feeling to shake and YOU JUST DON'T WANNA.

I know you know what I'm talking about. 

So you take a scoop of pre-workout, hoping the caffeine Gods come to your rescue.

While pre-workout has a time and a place (I LOVE CAFFEINE!) ...

There are three specific things you can do to improve your mindset and ultimately, your next workout, instantly!

comparing yourself to others. Like, for real. The only person, the only fitness that you have control over is yourself. So, by comparing yourself to others you are selling yourself short and discrediting your own hard work. This doesn’t mean you just stop observing others all together; instead you should use their hard work as guidance and motivation for your own efforts. What do they do well? What can you learn from them?

2. SERIOUSLY engage yourself during your warm-up. Do not cut corners in your warmup. Every time you brush off your warm up and jump into your workout, your body remembers. I’m here to tell you a secret: Karma and your body are good friends and they’ll f*** you up for not giving them any respect. DO YOUR WARM-UP. At this point in your adult life, do I really need to explain why?

3. STANDARDS are important. If you want to be that guy/gal that ends up on a Facebook viral video because you cut corners, squat to ⅛ depth, or do worm push ups, that’s certainly your prerogative. Perform the movement to the standard defined by the sport you are competing in. Two reasons: It’s the standard, and it properly engages the motor patterns for functional movement time after time.

I’d say this is about as close to cracking the code to fitness improvement if there ever was a code to crack.

Embrace your own capabilities, take your warm-up seriously and maintain proper form to increase function.

The pre-workout you take is important ... but NOT as important as the previous three points.

Now ...

Get out there and lift some weights!

>> Oh, and don't forget your pre-workout!!

Carpe Diem!


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