So we are a little late in mentioning that February was National Nutrition Month …

But we still think it’s important to share with you some super awesome tricks on how to get the most of your day, your week and ultimately, your workouts!

The best part? All these super foods can be found on sale nearly anytime of the year!

Here are 10 Super Foods we recommend to diversify your palate and your recipes!

– – – – –

  1. Honey – great for antibacterial properties, it’s great in yogurt, oatmeal or even used as a sweetener in salad dressings.
  2. Jicama – (hick-ah-mah) – a crunchy vegetable used as a replacement to traditional french fries, can be found near turnips and parsnips in produce area.
  3. Cauliflower – if you are cutting carbs, sub cauliflower rice for rice and you probably won’t even know the difference!
  4. Matcha Powder – a green tea substitute, its rumored to have 137x more antioxidants that regular green tea!
  5. Spaghetti Squash – arguably better than traditional noodles, spaghetti squash is great for low carb lovers looking for a filling replacement to their pasta!
  6. Beets – a natural energy booster, beets can improve blood flow and vasodilation, giving you greater endurance and stamina during your workouts.
  7. Salmon – high in protein and those delicious OMEGAS, you can’t go wrong with a great Salmon catch!
  8. Goji berries – probably my new favorite berry, Goji berries are sweet, rich and make great toppings for cereal, oatmeal smoothies or straight up!
  9. Olives – Packed with healthy fats, olives can provide sustainable energy for athletes. **HEART HEALTHY!!
  10. Coconut Flour – an alternative to flour or corn flour, coconut flour is essential for the paleo athlete’s kitchen! Add a rich, nutty and smooth flavor to your regular baked goods!